St George Utah is One of the Best Places to Live!

St George and Southern Utah consistently rank in the top ten or always rank as a top choice to live, relocate or retire! Why is that you ask yourself? Well the answer is not hard to find. A recent report from Kiplinger on Yahoo finance ranks St George as one of the Cheapest Cities you will want to live in! Not just because we are affordable but because you actually will love the Southern Utah lifestyle and comfort of life. We are more than affordable we are an awesome place to work, play and retire.

St George has also received accolades for being one of the top adventure spots by National Geographic in this article praising our recreational opportunities. Click here to find out what makes St George one of the top places to live. At least in the well respected eyes of national Geographic!

Our location on the planet is unique and beautiful. Red rocks and crimson colored cliffs are like none other. Add the lakes and rivers and endless recreational opportunities and you’ve got one heck of a great lifestyle. Only a couple hours north of Las Vegas and you have all the excitement of one of the more interesting cities in the lower fortyeight. Four hours north and you land in Salt Lake City, home of the worlds finest snow skiing! We are a days drive to the beautiful west coast of California. Surrounded by some of our countries finest National Parks recreation areas makes it easy to enjoy the outdoors. Best part this lifestyle is affordable and no long lines or exorbitant participation fees. St George is one of the best places to live and it’s not hard to see why. Come visit and see for yourself what has attracted life since the beginning of time! Explore the ancient Indian rock art and dwellings or follow in the footsteps of dinosaurs. Ride the same trails ancient explorers and cowboys used to tame the old west. Visit the forts and hideouts dotting the area.

Here are some more links to some great articles on why St George is a top place to live. Why retire in St George Utah? See what Market Watch says! Best Boom Towns loves us!!! There is more on relocating to St George and Southern Utah so please contact me anytime for more valuable information on the St George lifestyle!

Southern Utah is one of the best places to live. St George is a top choice when considering a move. Isn’t it time to enjoy life? Come see what makes St George a consistent winner in the race for top places to move and live. In the entire country….come visit and enjoy…contact me anytime for more information!

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