Rent/Lease to Own

Welcome to my blog post on rent/lease to own homes in St George Utah. I recommend you check this page out immediately Rent/Lease to Own. Another useful page would be Seller Financing. But back to rent or lease options. I have a proven and successful procedure for helping folks with this type of transaction.  Please take the time to call or email me for a personal interview at my office in downtown St George or set up a time for a phone consultation. Neither will cost you a penny but will be the mandatory first step for me to help you. You can put my years of knowledge to work for you immediately. Please read a little more about my procedure below.

“Thank you for reaching out to me for information on seller financing and or lease options. Because there are few ground rules in this type of real estate transaction there is a procedure that we will need to go through before any due diligence is done. The very first step will be to establish your purchasing power. This is mandatory prior to me researching any lease or seller financing options for you. Seller’s want this information and more times than not I have found that buyers are more capable than they may think when it comes to purchasing a home without going through the less conventional and more risky methods. Contact Scott Bell at Bay Equity (801-390-8543, located right here in St George. He will be able to assist you with that very important first step. Then we set an appointment to meet with me at my office or set up a phone consultation if you live out of the area and go over a strategy that will work. At that time I will share my knowledge on this type of transaction so you are prepared and ready for the next step. Which is finding you the perfect home! This meeting will only take 15 minutes to half an hour depending on how many questions you have for me. Contact Walter Crovo (435-669-0816), and let his team of experts’ help you navigate through all the St. George Utah lease option or rent to own listings and homes. Now with that being said please contact my preferred mortgage lenders and give them a try. They have provided loans for past clients that felt or were told a loan was impossible for them.  So let’s try the best thing for you first!”

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