Our Pah Tempe Hot Springs Adventure

One of the biggest reasons St. George Utah real estate is in such high demand and so competitive for buyer’s just happens to be our location. Location in real estate is huge and St. George real estate is no exception. My wife and I decided to stay in town and enjoy our area versus taking our Sportsmobile down the highway. We decided to enjoy our own backyard! Well Pah Tempe hot springs came up as a great destination in our little town of Hurricane Utah.

Pah Tempe is located in Hurricane Utah, about 20 miles east of St. George on the road to Zion National Park. We had one of the most enjoyable times we have had in years! 3 hours of privacy nestled along the beautiful Virgin River is an experience that everyone should have. Water temp at 107 degrees F comes from a deep 400 degree reservoir 4000 feet below the surface. Pah Tempe in Hurricane has over 50 minerals making it one of the most nutrient rich hot springs in the world! Pah Tempe is reservation only and very private.

I prepared an organic spring garden salad with mango, cranberries, avocados, pine nuts and more, all covered a Dijon citrus salad dressing! Had cocktails dinner and a darn great time enjoying the solitude and beauty of Pah Tempe. When you visit please give Pah Tempe a try, works great after a hike in Zion Park or a day of finding the perfect home.

Let Walter Crovo assist you with all your Southern Utah real estate needs. A day in Zion and dinner at Parallel 88 in Springdale was delightful as well. We had the opportunity to meet Executive Chef and Owner Jeff Crosland and discussed some of the wonderful private dinners he puts on. He has a private limited number of diners for a farm to table dinner at the farm. Voted the best restaurant in St. George and Southwest Utah by the Salt Lake Magazine Dining Awards for 2009/2010/2011. A day of hiking a wonderful dinner rounded out a top shelf day!

Don’t forget I have a Southern Utah Foreclosure lot located in Springdale Utah so you would never have to travel to enjoy some of the best things life has to offer. Thanks for visiting Walter’s Southern Utah real estate Blog. Happy Trails to you! Call or email me for details on Pah Tempe, Springdale, Zion or any St. George Utah real estate questions or needs.

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