Hiking in southern Utah

Thanks for checking in on my St George Utah real estate blog. My goal is to share valuable information about southern Utah real estate AND our southern Utah lifestyle! The information I’m sharing today relates to some of the less know hikes in and around southern Utah. I typically take the road less traveled. I love exploring that in itself and has led to some awesome adventures and finds. I am in the process of starting a guide business for affordable and unique hiking in our zone. I will be focusing on the less known and less traveled areas. I post most of my hikes on my youtube channel. Just click on ┬áthe link in the upper right of this page!Most of my hikes got deleted accidentally by Google…so I am starting over. If you are heading to southern utah and you want to save some time and see some of our more unique and in some cases world famous sites I want to be the person that helps you get there and more importantly back! I can help you find the perfect home and negotiate you the very best price and share a glorious day of unique hiking and exploring. There is a lot to do down here and I can’t wait to help you find your adventure! Everything from a B52 crash site to ancient dinosaur tracks. Ancient indian petroglyphs and pictographs, as well as home sites. Ols western trails that date back to the late 1700’s! Movie sets and aviation arrows…Mormon history combined with the wild west make our area very unique. If you like canoes and kayaks we are in a great location to get some great river time. In some pristine areas I might add! So get your southern Utah adventure game face on and let’s go have some fun! With over 300 days of golden sunshine there’s no waiting! So if you like what you see on my youtube channel and are ready for some great hiking reach out and I’ll be ready…always ready for a great adventure!

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