Best Restaurants in St George and Southern Utah

When shopping for your southern Utah or St George Utah real estate you will want to take the time to have a great meal or two at one of several of the best restaurants in St George and southern Utah. We are not a state known for our culinary prowess. With that being said there are exceptions to the rule. We have a lot of the chain restaurants and I will not spend much time going over these. You can find them anywhere anytime.

One of the best restaurants in all of southern Utah and the entire state for that matter is the Painted Pony located in Ancestor Square. Fine dining with fresh local items prepared to perfection. The carrot jalapeno soup is world class as is most of the items on the menu. You can’t go wrong. The painted pony has another restaurant located in Ancestor square called Georges Corner. Awesome pub style food and live music. Great eggs benedict and organic beef for the burgers. Again can’t go wrong here either.

One of my absolute favorites in St George is Zimmy’s Market Cafe. My cup of tea. Vegan, organic fresh local produce. Yes they have a great selection of non vegan items as well.  Only southern Utah restaurant that strives to do organic and vegan choices. They are not open late and primarily are there for the lunch crowd. A great eclectic restaurant that a healthy eating foodie will thoroughly enjoy.

Ahi’s Taste of Asia says it all! Fresh vegetables with brown rice optional. They throw down a great healthy meal.  Open for the lunch and dinner crowds.

While we going Asian go for Ah’sya Vietnamese Restaurant. Excellent Vietnamese food that the entire family will enjoy!

Thai food in St George is best at Benja’s Thai Garden, they have a couple of different locations and the food is wonderful. if you are in Springdale enjoy the best Thai in southern Utah at Thai Sapa. You will love it!

Gun Barrel Steak & Game House for the steak and game type of chow come visit St George’s favorite steakhouse. Take in the Old West while indulging in southern Utah’s finest steak and game, all slow-cooked over an open mesquite grill. 

Another favorite of mine is the Mad Pita Express. John has the game down, best and only falafels in town. Other great middle eastern dishes as well. No regrets here. they can really spice it up with the Ghost pepper sprinkle!

Springdale is also the home to Oscar’s Cafe, Cafe Soleil, Sol Foods and Zion Pizza and Noodle Company, Whiptail Grill, Bit and Spur. Probably the largest concentration of really good restaurants in southern Utah. Plan a lunch or dinner or both with your visit to Zion National Park.

In Hurricane The Pizza Wagon has the best fire baked oven pizza in southern Utah. Also hit Sonny Boys BBQ for a tasty smoked meat selection. If you like BBQ you will love Sonny’s!

So these are a few of my favorite and the locals favorite best restaurants in St George and southern Utah. i may have one or two but you won’t regret eating at any of these fine establishments.

Bon Appétit

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