Gay Friendly Realtor in St George Utah

Hello and welcome to my St George Utah real estate page. I am your gay friendly St George Utah Realtor. Born and raised in the San Fransisco bay area in the 50’s and 60’s placed me smack in the middle of a progressive and open minded environment. As a member of the LGBT community you can feel comfortable and confident you will get the highest level of service from my staff and I. You will be surprised with the growth of the LGBT community in Salt Lake City and even more importantly St George Utah! If you haven’t considered St George Utah you need to put southern Utah on your bucket list. We rock down here! The last decade has brought St George into the twenty first century! I welcome the gay community to St George and southern Utah. Check out my link on GayRealtyNetwork

Call me today so I can give you a private tour and show you the inside of all the homes for sale that meet your criteria in Washington County in less than two hours! I can show you any home for sale in the St George area listed by any company anywhere in the city. Then you don’t have to keep searching for open houses on the weekend. We can go anytime you want. Let’s get you out there.

Contact me and I can help get fully qualified because when you find that perfect home in southern Utah you will want to be ready to write the contract for your new home. You do not want to lose your dream home because someone had a strong qualification letter from their lender showing they are capable of purchasing the home. Contact me and I can help direct you to the lender that will do the best job for your particular situation.