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Showing Homes in St George Utah-What really happens

Have you ever wondered what goes on when you contact a St George Realtor and want to look at homes. Well I have some answers and you may be surprised. First off your Realtor will ask you questions about your wants and needs and then a great Realtor will make sure you can actually pull the trigger once a home is identified. As your Realtor I go right to work to make sure the best use of your time and my time is maximized. I start by narrowing the search! Then I may even do a drive by or preview the homes before I waste any of your time. I want to make sure we hit the nail on the head. I may take hours calling agents and homeowners to set, coordinate, and schedule appointments. In almost all cases homeowners will need to make sure their home is presentable and in great showing condition. Then they must vacate the home to allow the potential buyer the freedom to examine the home with no pressure. In some instances when a seller has a family they will need to pack the kids and leave for an hour or so. I am sure you can appreciate the energy and time spent by all up to this point. I may ask you questions about each home to prepare to give feedback to the homeowners or sellers agent. Depending on my buyers requirements it may take hours of searching and many miles of driving to make sure a outstanding job is done. As a Realtor I need to make sure for everyones benefit that my clients/buyers are fully qualified and ready to make the move! As a realtor I can safely say we spend hours behind the scenes before offers are written, prices are negotiated and you take ownership of your new home.  Another important step is getting the agency agreement signed allowing your Realtor to represent and act as your advocate. As your St George Realtor I need to know before I  share my years of experience, skills and spend hours setting appointments, driving around and screening homes that my time is also spent wisely. It’s not uncommon for your Realtor to spend hundreds of dollars in fuel and vehicle maintenance with one client. So please understand it is important for us to work as team to make sure that this is all possible. I promise you will be glad I do ask questions yourself.  ask the questions when I ask them. And please never hesitate to. Keeps disappointment to a minimum. I have great lenders that can help you and I hit the bulls eye! So to access my years of experience, skill sets and training I will ask you to sign a buyers agency agreement before we look at any homes for sale in St George Utah. So take advantage of my experience and let’s get signed up and start looking! You will be glad you did!!! Allow me to earn your business.

Thank you so much and have a great day!



Have you heard about pre marketing your St George Utah real estate? It is a great way to get a heads up on the sale of your home. I  know and understand what techniques result in a quick sale for maximum sales prices. Let’s start by simply putting up a sign that clearly states “Coming Soon” That attracts attention! Nothing wrong with pre marketing! I also announce the upcoming listing to all the Realtors in my market. This gives them an opportunity to get your home under contract without a lot of showings! wouldn’t that be great? the chart below shows our absorption rate…in other words if no homes came on the market how long would it take to use up our inventory.

Market Stats

  • 3.47,3.62,3.59,3.46,3.42,3.45,3.38,3.38,3.47,3.6,3.43,3.2

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Moving…More fun than a barrel of monkeys!

I have moved several times in my life. From coast to coast and all over the west. However that did not prepare me for my recent move across town. Was it different because I did it alone? Or was it because I had to orchestrate selling, buying and closing all in one step? As a Realtor I got a small taste of what my clients go through…sometimes you lose sight of the plight! LOL This was hard! Continue reading

Home Inspector Questions and Answers

inspectorAsk The Inspector


Q. The second story of my house is much warmer in the summer months than the lower level. Why is this, and what can I do to reduce the temperature difference between the upstairs and downstairs?

A. Cooling the upstairs of a home can be difficult — especially if the HVAC air handler system is in the basement, or if no basement is present, on the first floor. Typically, hot air rises and cold air falls, so in some aspects the air handler has to work harder to pump cold air up through the ductwork systems in order to keep the upstairs of a two-story house as comfortable as the downstairs.
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St George Handyman

Looking for a stellar St George handyman well I really love this business and I really love to share my great experiences. This blog entry is all about John Stewart, owner of AAA Restoration & Construction. I have been through my share of handymen in this business and have been disappointed by everyone of them. Until now. 15 years selling St George Utah real estate I have had the opportunity to work with several handymen and contractors. Continue reading

Tips to Sell Your St George Home Faster

There are a variety of reasons why people decide to put their homes on the market. Whether you’re looking to move across the street or across the country, chances are good that your immediate future depends on getting your current properly successfully sold in as little time as possible. Luckily, today’s housing market provides plenty of unique ways to help you get your home in front of the perfect buyer in less time than ever before. With a little help from a real estate professional, you’ll be able to put your property in a great position to sell quickly in nearly any market, without the need to sacrifice on price. Continue reading

Mortgage Forgiveness Tax Relief Act Passed Gas in St George Utah

Don’t be fooled folks. Here in St George Utah and everywhere else in this country the government has failed us again. The federal tax code treats forgiven debt as ordinary income to the borrower, taxable at regular rates. But under an exception that took effect in 2007, qualified home mortgage debt that is canceled by a lender as part of a short sale, loan modification or foreclosure is treated as non-taxable. However, that exception expired last Dec. 31 and its renewal has been in doubt all year — leaving short-sellers unsure whether they would be facing crushing taxes in 2015. Continue reading

Southern Utah Realtors

Have you ever wondered what your southern Utah Realtor or any real estate agent with the Realtor designation really does for you? Or have you ever wondered what the difference between a real estate agent and a Realtor is? Well I would like to explain some of the key things that separate the two and make a Realtor stand out over a real estate agent. One thing you need to know Realtors are constantly battling and lobbying Congress and the powers to be, including the big lending institutions, to keep it real for the home sellers and buyers. We do amazing things. We are currently lobbying to extend mortgage debt forgiveness tax relief now. This is huge if you are a homeowner facing a short sale or foreclosure. Bigger than HUGE! Continue reading

The HomeSmart Advantage

I have been giving some thought to the adage it’s not the brokerage it’s the individual agents activity that ultimately will cause a home to sell. That is true for sure but when you have a great brokerage behind you as well the odds for achieving top dollar in the least amount of time for your St George Utah real estate is increased even more. HomeSmart Advantage is a cutting edge brokerage of the future. No brokerage offers more than HomeSmart for the seller, buyer or agent in todays real estate marketplace. Continue reading