St. George and Southern Utah Market Statistics

St. George and Southern Utah real estate market statistics, like anything else are more than just numbers, figures and mathematical calculations. These charts and graphs are a useful tool when evaluating our Southern Utah real estate market and trends. Please keep in mind the information on this page can be interpreted in many ways. Part of my service and commitment to you is to help to put all this statistical information into a perspective that empowers you to make your St. George and Southern Utah real estate choices with knowledge.

This information is another valuable tool in understanding just what makes our Washington County Utah real estate market tick. I have access to and can send more statistical information on our Southern Utah real estate market and St. George real estate trends. These numbers change constantly so visit this page often.


  • 433736.03,450680.32,442377.40,438628.65,483536.48,478499.93,469965.02,474105.80,479723.07,436715.80,438795.66,451501.61
  • 365744.49,371432.85,326942.09,332826.58,429358.55,330054.92,322994.63,364109.20,343052.46,347526.84,344917.06,355565.63
  • 287059.50,325265.84,304066.89,315061.82,302963.47,316079.56,300324.86,287299.86,336264.96,435337.60,309295.95,317179.92
  • 277924.50,291708.20,304560.72,315155.58,313260.71,291140.53,300542.35,302208.59,288558.41,313428.06,327506.35,304857.18
  • 271823.14,283140.89,298629.74,307136.69,308879.59,286689.33,296820.48,298209.88,284032.99,307683.93,319984.61,300456.16
  • 329900.00,342500.00,339250.00,340800.00,349900.00,344650.00,339900.00,339900.00,344900.00,340447.50,341900.00,349900.00
  • 299000.00,300000.00,275000.00,295000.00,289900.00,284900.00,285000.00,289900.00,296580.00,289900.00,285950.00,297100.00
  • 249900.00,268800.00,267500.00,269900.00,266050.00,275000.00,265000.00,269500.00,285000.00,259900.00,274900.00,269900.00
  • 242500.00,249999.00,258350.00,259900.00,277900.00,265000.00,274900.00,268173.00,267000.00,269900.00,279900.00,279900.00
  • 238500.00,246000.00,255000.00,259900.00,278500.00,262500.00,271200.00,265000.00,263989.50,267934.00,278000.00,275900.00

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Analyzing Our Market Statistics

One critical point that just these numbers alone don’t expose is what market are we in? Buyers or sellers? Important to know whether you are buying or selling your Southern Utah real estate, especially critical to maximize your buying or selling power. We are in a highly competitive real estate market and it is absolutely critical that you have the tools necessary to maximize your potential.

The St. George real estate and the Southern Utah real estate market has been in the five to eight months of inventory for the year so far. On the surface after looking at the numbers alone you would think we in a buyer’s market, yes, 8 or more month’s available real estate inventory is a buyer’s market. The reality is no one wants approximately 80% of that inventory! And we have dipped down in our absorption rate late in 2015. Take a look at my Market Trends Page!

So now we have roughly 20% of the available inventory in St. George in great condition and or priced correctly. You are now faced with a seller’s market, a strange one but still a seller’s market. We are at a 2 to 3 month available inventory and that constitutes a seller’s real estate market. Zero to four months of inventory is a seller’s market.

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