Weekend Getaways around St George Utah!

If you’re moving to St George and or the surrounding area, or even considering it, I am sure you will find this information helpful. We are actually a weekend getaway destination all by ourselves. Sometimes you just need to stretch your legs and blow the carbon out so to speak. Like to drink, gamble and smoke just head forty five minutes south and grab a cheap room in Mesquite Nevada. If gambling, smoking and drinking aren’t your thing Mesquite makes for some great people watching, rooms are always discounted and buffets are cheap and tasty. Mesquite has several festivals going on year around, balloon, wine and MMA fights for starters! Well take it to the next level and go another hour and a half and hit the wild and crazy city of Las Vegas! Need I say more? Okay going farther south head on down to Quartzsite AZ for the weekend. A huge flea market, RV and rock and gem show await you in early part of the year. Winter temps are are always great there. Park Moabi in Needles CA is awesome. providing some great canoeing with Jerk Water. Nestled in a cove off the Colorado River and located on historic Rt 66! Lets not forget Lake Mead, Lake Havasu just for starters. Or go southeast to Lake Powell the crown jewel of the big lakes! If two and one half hours is too far hit up Lee’s Ferry. home of some of the worlds finest fly fishing. World Class flatwater and whitewater trips lasting up to one month. Hiking to the Wave??? Yeah Lee’s ferry is remote and spectacular. Want to go west…hit up Death Valley for a fantastic weekend getaway! Now I’m just scratching the surface here and covering only a few places. Okay so it’s summer and north is direction to go…how about Bryce National Park? Maybe Capitol Reef National Park? Escalante Utah…WOW one of my favorites! Escalante is a very special place. A must see and do! So we still need to go east to Zion National Park..the crown jewel of all national parks! Great hiking year around. A magical place that is like no other and it’;s only thirty to forty minutes from downtown St George. Go a wee bit further and visit Best Friends Animal Sanctuary! Volunteer or donate to one of the most worthy causes on this planet..located a hop skip and jump from St George. Spend the night in the quaint little cowboy town of Kanab. There is so much more i don’t have the space to cover even a fraction of what’s up in our area for a great weekend getaway! Contact me anytime for information. I love helping folks have a great time…think it rubs off on me! Or just spend the your weekend getaway in St George and the surrounding area! It’s impossible to not have a fantastic time in Utah’s sundrenched playground!!

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