Vegan St George Realtor

Hi folks. Just wanted to throw this out there because you never know what matters to my clients. I adhere to a strict plant based diet. Because of this some of my life philosophies have taken a turn for the better as well. At least I think so. I support all life on the planet and no killing of animals.  Commercial animal farming is out! I eat all organic so I am against the use of chemicals in our food and agriculture. I feel there is  no humane way to kill an animal.
I understand there are exceptions but they are far and few between. Especially in this great country. I think that carries over to my dealings and negotiations in marketing and selling of St George Utah real estate. I am fair and just and use my awareness first and knowledge second. I also live by the four agreements. Just google the “four agreements”. See if they make sense to you and if they do you will know what kind of a job i am going to do for you. I bring my compassion for all living things to the table when dealing with my clients and fellow Realtors in St George Utah. Good karma! Now wouldn’t you want to be part of that awesome energy? I know I would. So if you are looking for a compassionate Realtor in St George that is plant based and vegan you have come to the right place.  Now I haven’t always been plant based so I know both sides of the coin. I have the power to change my lifestyle and with that comes the power and determination to negotiate the best possible deal for my clients, both buyers and sellers. Give me a call and let me show you what the power of determination and years of St George real estate experience can bring to you as a home buyer or seller. You will be glad that you did! And so will I….

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