Things to do in St George Utah

One of the best parts of living or visiting southern Utah is enjoying the sights and many things to do in St George Utah or close by. I put up a fun picture of a map and list of things you might be interested in. This really only scratches the surface! Southern Utah rocks the free world when comes to things to do, especially outdoor activities. Blessed with over 300 days of golden sunshine lends to pleasure and fun of living in Utah’s Dixie!! IMG_0179

There is so much more than this chart shows. Feel free to contact me anytime as i love to share some of my favorite spots! From ancient Anasazi indian civilizations and rock art to dinosaur tracks. Old western towns to days gone by ancient explorers routes. A visit here will be a trip well remembered. Fun for the whole family from the youngest to the oldest. There is even a little known B-52 crash site hidden on the side of a mountain. You will be welcomed by the friendly folks that live and work in southern Utah. Most of us share the love and respect the area. We have become a melting pot of residents and growing all the time. St George and southern Utah is a thriving and growing area despite the downturn in the economy. The world has discovered us. Check out my EVENTS PAGE to view the current activities. The page is constantly updated to keep you up to speed and going strong. We have an affordable helicopter ride in Hurricane that is affordable and available to show you around with a birds eye point of view. It’s a sure bet you are going to love it down here in Utah’s sun drenched playground! So much so you will want to see me and make the decision to make the move to one of the most beautiful places on earth! You certainly won’t be the first to come for a visit and decided to make the move to southern Utah. Contact me twenty four seven to get help with all the things to do in St George Utah and the surrounding area! Meanwhile have a great day!

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