The new year off to a bang!

I have been amazed about how much business my associates and I have had as of recent. This year is starting out setting records for my sales early on. If this is any indication of 2011 I am excited. This could signal stability in the market which in turn could mean a rise in prices, however gradual the rise it means buy now.

Most people will wait and then regret they did not buy “when the prices where low”. Most folks buy high and sell low, do you want to be part of that?

Loans criteria is relaxing and rates are at the very bottom. If you are considering the Southern Utah lifestyle please don’t hesitate. The great prices are here and now. Just look through my advanced or quick search options and find exactly what you have been looking for. Contact me anytime for your St. George Utah real estate information and help! Have a great day, Ahhhhh the trees are greening and the hills are showing a colorful hue…spring is springing!!!!

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