The HomeSmart Advantage

I have been giving some thought to the adage it’s not the brokerage it’s the individual agents activity that ultimately will cause a home to sell. That is true for sure but when you have a great brokerage behind you as well the odds for achieving top dollar in the least amount of time for your St George Utah real estate is increased even more. HomeSmart Advantage is a cutting edge brokerage of the future. No brokerage offers more than HomeSmart for the seller, buyer or agent in todays real estate marketplace.

It is competitive and Homesmart Advantage has a system like no other. Hands down the marketing tools HomeSmart Advantage provides is state of the art. YouTube videos, your home gets it’s own web site. Virtual tours of your St George home, not to forget call capture riders with free information that can be sent to the potential buyer with the push of a button. Q codes generated especially for your home on yard signs and all marketing material. Your home automatically gets submitted to a plethora of internet sites and powerful search engines adding the needed exposure to cause your St George home to sell. Professional flyers designed especially for your home. Most of these features are working twenty four hours a day seven days a week. While you sleep your home is getting the needed exposure to cause a sale. The professional web site created just for your home is easily shared and available for download from the HomeSmart Advantage SmartCode AKA Q codes so a potential buyer can get the important information sent right to their smartphone via text or email! The call capture system alerts me, the Realtor, whenever a potential lead calls in for information on a particular home. I get a  text and an email immediately with the potential buyers contact information. This allows me an opportunity to contact the potential buyer immediately and let them know I am available to help them with any questions or to set up  a showing. With all that being said HomeSmart Advantage offers the buyer some wonderful advantages. One of them being our smart search feature. SmartSearch is a powerful search engine. With automated and custom searches, local information, satellite photos, street level views, and the ability to create routes to view the properties. The buyer also gets the benefit of an  experienced and seasoned St George and Washington County real estate agent. Homesmart advantage is the fastest  growing real estate brokerage in the southwest! As for the agents we have a great work environment with Homesmart Advantage being designed to benefit the agent, both financially and with continued cutting edge features and support. This makes Homesmart Advantage real estate in St George Utah a logical choice when choosing your agent. HomeSmart Advantage real estate in St George Utah is a win win for buyers, sellers and the Realtors. Contact me today to go over what the HomeSmart Advantage in St George means to you as a home buyer or seller. Or if you are an agent looking for the best brokerage support system in the industry let me show you what HomeSmart Advantage is all about!

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