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Welcome to your best source of information for St. George Utah Real Estate where I share important information about St. George Utah Real Estate! While my family and I attended the recently held St. George Utah Ironman last weekend I was inspired by a sight at the Sand Hollow swimming venue location: the scene of the athletes bag with the prosthetic leg was powerful beyond measure and gave me a feeling of what a remarkable person and what determination they must have. It lifted my spirits and helped me focus on how we are limited in our mind only! Their light helped make my light shine brighter!

St. George real estate is currently and will continue to be a fantastic value. My real estate market trends and market statistics pages will give you numbers and graphs, neither can capture the allure of such a wonderful lifestyle we share in Utah’s Dixie. St. George Utah real estate is for everybody, young, old and everyone in between. Nothing great comes easy and that means great deals on Southern Utah real estate take skill and determination. We have lots of real estate for sale, only a small percentage is worth purchasing. That fact alone makes this a very competitive real estate market, not to mention the spectacular lifestyle and plethora of “things to do.”

The great news is and will continue to be is the fact that our economy is growing and business is coming to St. George. The St. George real estate market continues to shine and affords a golden opportunity to those that could simply not afford to own St. George Utah real estate in the boom days. I have homes for $100,000 or less, 3 bed and 2 bath. Go to my advanced St. George home and property search page for more information. If the luxury home market is your pick we have plenty of fantastic luxury homes that would leave you awe struck!

Thanks for taking the time to read Walter’s Southern Utah Real Estate Blog. My staff and I are available 24/7 to help you with all your St. George Utah Real questions. We are dedicated to helping you enjoy the Southern Utah lifestyle!

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