How does your St George Realtor get paid?

I have come to realize that most folks really don’t understand how a St george Realtor makes a living. Well first of all 99.9% of us don’t make a dime unless we sell real estate. Helping people is something we love to do. Surviving is something else your St George Realtor needs to do! Don’t be offended if your southern Utah Realtor has questions and procedures for you to follow. We understand Rome wasn’t built in a day. I have clients i have been working with for over three years! We ask  that you understand we need to put gas in our car. I always work towards the my clients best interests, no matter what. I can’t do that if I’m starving so I ask questions and work towards getting you into your own home in the safest most economical way for you. That is important down the road and when we set up our initial meet and greet please ask me about that. the better the St /George Realtor the more questions we will have. With all that being said i hope you have a better understanding of what makes us tick and why we ask some of the questions we do. In order to give you the service you deserve I will go over the state of Utah Buyer Agency Agreement. By law and default Realtor’s represent the SELLER without that document. I will expect you to review that agency agreement with me sign it before we go out looking at any St George Utah real estate. It’s not a lifetime commitment for either one of us, however it allows me to represent you with every tool in my arsenal. this agreement protects both of us from the same things. More than anything the Buyer Agency Agreement allows me to give to you the level of protection and knowledge necessary to ensure you get the absolute most for your hard earned money. Just so you know if something does not work out between us, and it happens, not everyone looks at me like my Jack Russell terrier I am all about tearing up the agency agreement and wishing you the best…so no pressure from me. Basically we will be a team working together to make your dreams come true! You deserve that level of protection. Some agents don’t have the courage to explain the whys about the agreement. If they don’t have the ability or the courage to explain why will they have the ability and courage to negotiate the best possible deal for you and your family? Something to think about for sure. Please remember I am here to help and I have the training, knowledge and skill sets to make this happen.  I welcome any questions or concerns about anything our St George real estate market  has to offer or any of the procedures to have a fun, successful St George Realtor experience!

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