St George Buyer’s Agent- Signing Agency Agreement

Many people, Realtors included are hesitant to bring up the subject of signing a Buyer’s Agency Agreement. Why is this so important you might ask yourself. Right out of the box a Realtor in St George Utah without the buyer’s agency agreement represents the seller by default! Remember you wouldn’t hire your spouse’s attorney to represent you in a divorce. Would you? Do you really want to go house hunting with no representation? Or with an agent that is afraid to explain why this document is so important. how will this person perform under the pressure of negotiations? Or let’s say you are out driving around and you come accross a for sale by owner. Do you want your real estate agent to be hesitant to knock on their door for fear of not getting paid for his courage and determination. I am not saying you would go around the agent but I have seen where an unscrupulous seller has attempted just that. If they would do that to your hard working St George Realtor do you think they would be trustworthy in the process with you? There is so much to consider throughout the sale process and a great real estate agent will have YOUR BEST interests first and foremost. Doesn’t that sound great?  You don’t want to gamble with the largest most important purchase in your life.

Another key point a Realtor like myself spends every single day out in the field knocking on doors and making calls. We have a network of vendors and a wealth of experience that information on the internet just can’t get close to providing. We know which builders are trustworthy. What carpet cleaners do the best job. Who gives the best deal on title insurance. What lender will work hard to make your dream a reality. We know what is fair and highly skilled in negotiations and reading between the lines. We keep it real. We make sure you make the most of the opportunities the State of Utah  real estate purchase contract  (REPC)  offers you as a buyer. We know about issues that may plague certain areas that no seller or internet information source can provide. Everything from soil conditions tov flood zones. Saving you time and frustration. We are trained to help you make the best use of your time and more importantly your money!

We all know the power of the dollar and that makes some folks do crazy things. I can negotiate any savings an unscrupulous builder, vendor or seller can promise if you cut out your buyer’s agent. out of the picture. Just think if they would do that to someone that has brought them a great customer what they would do to you down the road! I have seen this only to see the disappointment down the road when a buyer found out the great deal wasn’t so great after all. Realtors have a support system of lawyers, peer groups and brokers to turn to for honest and valuable information. Combined create a network with decades of service and experience. All At no charge to you!

As a buyer’s agent I will be committing my time, knowledge, gas and vehicle wear and tear to you. 100% attention and commitment. I expect my clients to do the same. This is a team effort and when I played basketball our favorite saying was there’s no “I” in the word team.

Some of the key point to consider are- It is FREE, Market knowledge, Know what to look for in homes, Local listing agent contacts, Emotional filter, Knowledge of real estate contract writing, knowledge of financing options, professional negotiation, community knowledge. these are just a few.

Let’s set a time and let me help you make a sound, informative decision all while protecting you through every step of the process!

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