Southern Utah Realtors

Have you ever wondered what your southern Utah Realtor or any real estate agent with the Realtor designation really does for you? Or have you ever wondered what the difference between a real estate agent and a Realtor is? Well I would like to explain some of the key things that separate the two and make a Realtor stand out over a real estate agent. One thing you need to know Realtors are constantly battling and lobbying Congress and the powers to be, including the big lending institutions, to keep it real for the home sellers and buyers. We do amazing things. We are currently lobbying to extend mortgage debt forgiveness tax relief now. This is huge if you are a homeowner facing a short sale or foreclosure. Bigger than HUGE! In Utah as Realtors we fought and won to reduce the time a short sale seller has to be vulnerable for all secondary liens. We fought and won to reduce from 6 years to 90 days. Folks this ism huge. Support your southern Utah Realtor. We do more than sell St George homes and real estate. We fight for YOU! We are a powerful force to be reckoned with. We are always fighting for the betterment of buying and selling southern Utah real estate and real estate across the nation. So when you see that your agent is also a Realtor you know we support you long before the sale or transaction. We donate lots of money to the good cause of home ownership. Realtors have a strict code of ethics that a real estate agent alone does not have. Your southern Utah Realtor like all Realtors takes pride in being designated as a Realtor. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) provides important training and is always updating and adding new training material so you get a job well done! We are trained and have access to higher education provided at a state (Utah Association of Realtors aka UAR) and at a national level. offering many valuable designations. Everyone of these designations is so we can do a better more professional job for you, the real estate client. I want to be your southern Utah Realtor. Let me show you what I go through to stay current and up to date so you can concentrate on finding the perfect southern Utah home or as a seller you deserve the professionalism that I bring to the table not to mention the value as a Realtor to putting more money in your pocket! Call or email me anytime and lets go over the difference i can make as your southern Utah Realtor!

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