Soils Testing in St George Utah

Why is a soils test so important when purchasing a new home in St George Utah? The answer is simple. We have many kinds of soil conditions down in southwestern Utah. Probably stems from the fact that we are an ancient ocean bottom down here. Out St George homes are built on everything from rock hard lava to gypsum and everything in between including all the clay soils as well as sandy and loam type soils.

Any St George new construction home will have soils test performed and will be made available for ,your review. As a St George home buyer I will make sure that information is made available for your review and consideration. When shopping for your St George Utah real estate I will help provide you with the information you will need to make an informed decision. We do have soils that can create havoc so do the right thing on the front end and have a home inspection prior to purchase and always ask if there is a soil test available for the southern Utah home you are looking to purchase. I am your advocate and I believe in full disclosure. I will help you retrieve that information as part of my commitment to supplying you with legendary service! Take a look at my Client Reviews and see why building my business on relationships instead of transactions has helped me to become one of the most respected Realtors in Washington County.

Some of the issues that may occur when soil problems are present are, settlement of the home causing huge cracks throughout the dwelling on the interior and exterior. Sinking of the home, where the home actually sinks. Up and down movement of the entire home or just sections including but not limited to the concrete slabs. These are just a few examples of what can go wrong. Now what can go right you ask. First off there are building guidelines and methods to overcome the any of our soil conditions and a soils engineer will guide you or the builder on the recommended method to deal with the specific issue. Anything from conical pillars to removal of loose soils and replacement and compaction of existing home footprint. We leave that to the pros! So make sure you are dealing with professionals when purchasing your southern Utah real estate! It can make all the difference in the world!!!

3 thoughts on “Soils Testing in St George Utah

  1. David G Sumpter

    I have an engineering company in Fresno, Ca. My wife & I just moved to the Ledges in St George and I’m amazed at the cracks in the pavement. Some as with as 3″. I have my own ideas as to why but can you explain this phenomenon ?

    1. Walter Crovo Post author

      I would not want to guess. We do have conditions with certain soils in Washington County that require special attention when building. Does the HOA have any answers?

  2. Bert Cherry

    I am a senior that has purchased a vacant lot in Sunbrook @ 2172 w rivers edge ln, St George, Ut. I am in the due diligence period of the purchase and need a soils test on the property. I am retired but have built before as a owner/builder and am available most any time. Please call me @ 801-592-2671 with details and cost ASAP.


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