Showing Homes in St George Utah-What really happens

Have you ever wondered what goes on when you contact a St George Realtor and want to look at homes. Well I have some answers and you may be surprised. First off your Realtor will ask you questions about your wants and needs and then a great Realtor will make sure you can actually pull the trigger once a home is identified. As your Realtor I go right to work to make sure the best use of your time and my time is maximized. I start by narrowing the search! Then I may even do a drive by or preview the homes before I waste any of your time. I want to make sure we hit the nail on the head. I may take hours calling agents and homeowners to set, coordinate, and schedule appointments. In almost all cases homeowners will need to make sure their home is presentable and in great showing condition. Then they must vacate the home to allow the potential buyer the freedom to examine the home with no pressure. In some instances when a seller has a family they will need to pack the kids and leave for an hour or so. I am sure you can appreciate the energy and time spent by all up to this point. I may ask you questions about each home to prepare to give feedback to the homeowners or sellers agent. Depending on my buyers requirements it may take hours of searching and many miles of driving to make sure a outstanding job is done. As a Realtor I need to make sure for everyones benefit that my clients/buyers are fully qualified and ready to make the move! As a realtor I can safely say we spend hours behind the scenes before offers are written, prices are negotiated and you take ownership of your new home.  Another important step is getting the agency agreement signed allowing your Realtor to represent and act as your advocate. As your St George Realtor I need to know before I  share my years of experience, skills and spend hours setting appointments, driving around and screening homes that my time is also spent wisely. It’s not uncommon for your Realtor to spend hundreds of dollars in fuel and vehicle maintenance with one client. So please understand it is important for us to work as team to make sure that this is all possible. I promise you will be glad I do ask questions yourself.  ask the questions when I ask them. And please never hesitate to. Keeps disappointment to a minimum. I have great lenders that can help you and I hit the bulls eye! So to access my years of experience, skill sets and training I will ask you to sign a buyers agency agreement before we look at any homes for sale in St George Utah. So take advantage of my experience and let’s get signed up and start looking! You will be glad you did!!! Allow me to earn your business.

Thank you so much and have a great day!


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