Packing for the Move 101

Packing Materials 101

Moving to a new home can be stressful thanks to the big to-do list detailing all the activities you have to complete by moving day. Not only do you need to locate and hire a moving company to assist with loading and transporting your belongings, you also have to figure out how to fit everything you own into a movable state. In other words, you need the correct moving supplies! Study the following list and stock up on the right packing materials as soon as possible:

Boxes. It seems obvious that you would need boxes to pack, but when you look through your box options, you may be surprised at just how many varieties exist. Not only are there different sizes, but boxes intended for different purposes as well (e.g., mattress, wardrobe, dish pack, etc.)! Small boxes should be used for heavier items like books, since they’re sturdier and you can only lift so much. Large boxes, on the other hand, are intended to hold light bulky items like blankets and pillows.

Bubble wrap, packing peanuts, newsprint. Protect your fragile items by wrapping them in any of these packing materials. All the supplies are easy to find and simple to use. One note: Newsprint is different than newspaper. Instead of being covered with ink that can transfer to your belongings, it’s clean and unprinted. Furthermore, it conforms to glass and china better than other paper when used to wrap dishes or collectibles.

Tape and tape gun. Whether you’re leaving a one-bedroom apartment or a five-bedroom house, you’re going to need a lot of tape. And let’s face it – using scissors to cut off each long piece of tape you need is simply not effective. Spend the extra dough on a tape gun and you won’t be sorry.

Markers and labels. When you’re done placing belongings into boxes, you’ll want to be sure they get to their intended location within your new home (e.g., kitchen, living room). Purchase labels in several colors in order to color code boxes. That way, when movers see a pink label, for example, they know to take the box to the room with the coordinating label.

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