Moving…More fun than a barrel of monkeys!

I have moved several times in my life. From coast to coast and all over the west. However that did not prepare me for my recent move across town. Was it different because I did it alone? Or was it because I had to orchestrate selling, buying and closing all in one step? As a Realtor I got a small taste of what my clients go through…sometimes you lose sight of the plight! LOL This was hard!

I’m still not done but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I am pretty sure it’s not a freight train! Utilities, address changes, internet and phone service…lots of things to do and see. Repairing old home so it is marketable, repairing new home so it works for me, not for the faint of heart. You know it was fun for a while…then it turned into a big deal. Thankfully it feels almost fun again to be setting up in the new digs. Almost all boxes are unpacked and the articles have pretty much found their place. Garage is next. Oh boy! Of course the dogs want to let everyone know they have ownership…they do it with urine, not cash! So anyway My doggies disappeared out in the desert…just kidding. I am committed to being sympathetic and wondering if there shouldn’t be a class for Realtors on what it is like to move. Just to keep us in and moving in perspective. Even if it is structured like a fireman training setup. Just have a place to box up things and a truck to load and unload into a fake home. Unpack, organize and wait for the next set of Realtors to come in…oh yeah and eat out a lot!  Take out gets real old real fast! Especially if you eat plant based. LOL. Well I’m off to unload the final few boxes and enjoy an evening cocktail. Oh yeah and enjoy my new place and enjoy making it mine! Thanks for listening  and good luck with your next move folks!

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