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Who to Notify When You Move

Whether you’re moving to a new house, a new city, or a new state altogether, you’re sure to be weighed down by a laundry list of things to do. One task you may forget to consider is letting everyone know you’re moving. This includes family and friends, yes, but there are others you will need to inform, including the following:


  • The government. You need to inform a few different government entities of your impending (or completed) move. The Internal Revenue Service should be informed, as should your old state and new state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. If you’re staying within the same state, check if you can avoid lines by changing your address and getting an updated drivers’ license online.
  • Insurance companies. In order to keep your information current with your various insurance companies – including health, dental, life, car, and home – be sure to let them each know about your move. If you’re headed to another state, you may need to select different insurance companies depending on where your current companies operate.
  • Financial institutions. Banks and credit unions should be told of your move to ensure your billing statements are sent to the correct address. You may have cause to switch financial institutions if yours does not have branches in your new city or state. Credit card companies should also be informed of your move, since often your zip code is required to use the card when purchasing things like gasoline.
  • Any other companies that bill you. This can include anyone from cell phone companies to companies that provide utilities, water, Internet, cable, etc. In many cases, you’ll be informing them of the move because you’ll be canceling or switching your service to your new location. Just be sure to cover all of your bases.
  • Publications. If you subscribe to any newspapers or magazines, be sure to receive your publications on time by letting them know of your move in advance. That way, they have adequate time to change it in their system.
  • Doctors. If you’re sticking around town, then often you can simply inform each doctor of your new address when you go in for your next appointment. However, if you’re expecting bills or other statements from your doctor’s office, call immediately and let the office know of the change.


It can be nerve-wracking to have to remember all of these changes. To be sure you still receive any mail erroneously sent to your old address, sign up with the U.S. Postal Service to have your mail forwarded. The forwarding process is simple and you can sign up online with ease.


David Shapiro, a marketing specialist for moving companies such as North American Van Lines, enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, biking and rock climbing.

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