Home Inspection

When you find the perfect St George or southern Utah home you want to purchaser, it is important to choose your battles when it comes to repairs requested from a home inspection. While it would be nice for the seller to fix every little home inspection issue before you put your money down, there are only so many repairs most sellers are willing to commit to – especially in a seller’s market.

Let me say I will  always recommend your St George or southern Utah real estate receives a complete and thorough home inspection performed by a competent and licensed St /george and southern Utah home inspector.

There are some issues related to structural or safety concerns that are reasonable to expect a seller would correct. I have seen a red hot home with backup offers fix the requested repairs the first buyer asked for and was turned down so the cancelled the contract. The sellers promptly made the $9,000 worth of repairs and sold the home for over $20,000 more than they originally had it under contract for. Moral of the story is there is a much bigger picture. Will appreciation easily cover the cost to make the repairs? In how long. In this case 6 months of appreciation would of more than covered the spa repairs that the first buyers could of done over the next few years!!

Don’t fight over a leaky faucet or loose electrical plug…especially in a sellers market. It it’s under a hundred dollars let it go! Remember my example…it was more profitable to dump the first buyer and get new higher offers than negotiate the price or make the first under contract buyers requested repair demands. Fact of life right now folks. It was a buyers market.

The issues should be large enough that they could have a significant impact on the use and enjoyment of the home. Safety and structural are important enough to warrant consideration on both parties.

A home inspection should not be to create a punch list that itemizes every minor defect with the home you expect the seller to fix. Remember you are not buying a new home!

An excellent buyer’s agent should be able to counsel you on what is worth focusing on and what should be considered trivial. Don’t get wrapped around the axle over a leaking double pane window seal. One reason we are in a seller’s market is because we have very low saleable inventory. St George Utah real estate is red hot. And I mean around the world type red hot. this is the place to be.

Call me today so I can give you a private tour and show you the inside of all the homes for sale that meet your criteria in Washington County in less than two hours! I can show you any home for sale in the St George area listed by any company anywhere in the city. Then you don’t have to keep searching for open houses on the weekend. We can go anytime you want. Let’s get you out there.

Contact me and I can help get you fully qualified because when you find that perfect home in southern Utah you will want to be ready to write the offer on your new home. You do not want to lose your dream home because someone had a strong qualification letter from their lender showing that they are capable of purchasing the home. Contact me and I can help direct you to the lender that will do the best job for your particular situation.