Hike the White Reef Trail on a Sunny Day!

So you are thinking about moving to St. George and want to know what are some of the things we can do in Southern Utah to enjoy our time off. Well here is a great hike for year round. White Reef Trail outside of Harrisburg.

Yes, I have 2 lots for sale for $10,000. each, walking distance from this trail. They are foreclosure properties and the bank wants them sold! The hike diverts you too this old Hollywood set and on further to the year round creek that winds through Red Cliffs Recreation area, 15 miles North of downtown St. George. Lots of parking for horse trailers, equestrian friendly.

The White Reef trailhead provides access to miles of BLM trails and spectacular scenery and gorgeous multi colored and hued rock formations, waterfalls and open spaces. Enjoy no crowds, clean air and water, and golden sunshine with temps at 72 degrees yesterday. This is just one of the many hikes to enjoy when you live in Southern Utah and something to consider when you are deciding on St. George Utah real estate!

Visit the BLM website for more information about the White Reef Trail.

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