St George Handyman

Looking for a stellar St George handyman well I really love this business and I really love to share my great experiences. This blog entry is all about John Stewart, owner of AAA Restoration & Construction. I have been through my share of handymen in this business and have been disappointed by everyone of them. Until now. 15 years selling St George Utah real estate I have had the opportunity to work with several handymen and contractors. I actually needed to find a great person for my own home and was fed up with the handymen I have been paying. I reached out to several and no surprise but many never even returned my call. One had me send pictures of what I needed done and never got back to me, ever! Well John Stewart’s response was timely and he came out to my house which happened to be clear across the county from him. Spent the time and happily went over what he thought would be the best approach. It all made sense and his price was fair so I scheduled him. John comes from a family of contractors and builders and it shows. He was confident and exactly what to do. He showed up on time and finished the job in a timely manner. I even added some decent repairs while he was here. John specializes in commercial and residential remodeling and repairs. His work ethics and the quality of the work was awesome. Better than I had expected and received in the past by leaps and bounds. So I can definitely give John my highest recommendation for repairs and handyman work in St George and surrounding area. He did a perfect job at a price that has blown the minds of my fellow Realtors I have shown the completed project to. You can reach out to John on his cell phone at 435-229-2994. It is a great feeling when you spend your hard earned money and feel great about it. I enjoy passing this information on and feel confident and comfortable that John will provide stellar service at a great price. AAA Restoration and Construction brings experience and value to the job. Plus John is a great guy. He cares and has pride in what he does. Being a Master Certified VW, Porsche and Audi certified  technician I know when someone has a grasp on the job. John is that person. You need a great handyman with skill sets and professional work ethics John Stewart is your guy! You will glad you did. So call John today at 435-229-2994 and get that job done!

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