Southern Utah Desert Garden

Well you found your new home in St George Utah and it’s time to start thinking about what to do with your new found pride and joy. Well with over three hundred days of golden sunshine a vegetable garden may be high on your list. Yes we have the sunshine AND we have HOT days. Growing a vegetable garden in southern Utah will present some unique challenges and Ali’s Organics¬†¬†will come to your rescue.

Not only is ali a great person but she knows her stuff! For me a garden needs to be organic and Ali is up to speed on that one. She is all about growing the best, healthiest organic fresh fruits and vegetables in southern Utah. She has helped me so many times with everything from pest control to wilting leaves. Check out ali’s website by clicking on the link provided above and take a look at what her little mini farm and ranch is all about. Nestled on a back street in La Verkin Utah you won’t miss her garden. As a matter of fact you will LOVE her garden! her husband Kevin is a great guy and when ali has to help a neighbor out with their garden Kevin is around to make sure you you get great service.

Ali teaches around the area and holds frequent gardening classes. Garlic braiding, pruning and so many other things i am going to provide a link to her class page. Register early because they always fill up fast. ali also sells her produce to locals or anybody that happens to stop by…again she always sells out quickly. If you like fresh, organic free range chicken eggs, well Ali has them to and guess what…they sell out quickly. don’t worry about overpaying Ali’s takes care of us and there are some great values and deals…as good and better than the big box stores. All while making the planet a better place to call home. That my friends is a win win situation. If a beautiful, healthy vegetable garden is not your thing well fear not because Ali’s has lots of flowers and plants to dress up your new St George real estate. Fruit trees as well. You won’t find anything better than Ali’s Organics. If you like non GMO and heirloom them go see Ali today. Tell her I said Hi. Bring your kids to check out her little goat family! Can’t go wrong with Ali’s Organics. Get healthy, enjoy life and support a great business geared to help people grow healthy beautiful gardens.

Turn your new St George Utah home into a desert garden paradise today…let Ali’s Organics show you how! Think I’ll go eat a heirloom tomato from my garden…this story has my mouth watering!!! Thanks Ali!


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