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2014 Home Buyers and Sellers Profile

Hot off the press from the National Association of REALTORS® today comes some great information on the profile of the home buyers and sellers in 2014. I found several points very interesting and hope you do as well. Remember this is a summary from accross this great country and each real estate market varies and is unique. Feel free to contact me to get specifics on our St George Utah real estate market. I hope you will find this information as interesting as I have. Here are some of the key characteristics of home buyers and sellers. Make sure you click on my presentation link at the bottom of this blog page..especially if you like pictures! Continue reading

St George Utah Real Estate is Rebounding in 2013

If you follow the news about St. George Utah real estate, you’ve likely noticed a dramatic direction turn in the tenor of headlines over the last year or so. From underwater seller woes, foreclosure highs and listings lagging on the market with no sale in sight, the stories have turned to reporting on multiple offer buyer woes, interest rate lows and listings flying off the market with no inventory in sight! Continue reading