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St George real estate Seller’s Market?

I hope to shout we are! The only thing keeping us from exploding are the lessons learned from the last St George Utah real estate boom.  I have to share an interesting email from a potential real estate investor. He wanted to look at only foreclosure fixer upper St George real estate.  I said a unicorn would be easier to find…we had three foreclosures on our MLS two days ago! The good news you won’t have to pay more than appraised value and the positive appreciation means you start building equity immediately. On some some 4 to 6 month out new construction build jobs in St George your home really gains value in the short time it takes to complete the build and you move in. You paid  six months earlier values!! A good Realtor will help you maximize your buying power even in a sellers market. A buyer will be up against multiple offer and final and best scenarios. You can keep that to a minimum with a great Realtor in your corner.

With all that being said I have managed to get some clients into homes with closing costs paid including getting their earnest money back! If you are patient there are possibilities.

Call me today so I can give you a private tour and show you the inside of all the homes for sale that meet your criteria in Washington County in less than two hours! I can show you any home for sale in the St George area listed by any company anywhere in the city. Then you don’t have to keep searching for open houses on the weekend. We can go anytime you want. Let’s get you out there.

Contact me and I can help get you fully qualified because when you find that perfect home in southern Utah you will want to be ready to write the offer on your new home. You do not want to lose your dream home because someone had a strong qualification letter from their lender showing that they are capable of purchasing the home. Contact me and I can help direct you to the lender that will do the best job for your particular situation.

Mortgage Forgiveness Tax Relief Act Passed Gas in St George Utah

Don’t be fooled folks. Here in St George Utah and everywhere else in this country the government has failed us again. The federal tax code treats forgiven debt as ordinary income to the borrower, taxable at regular rates. But under an exception that took effect in 2007, qualified home mortgage debt that is canceled by a lender as part of a short sale, loan modification or foreclosure is treated as non-taxable. However, that exception expired last Dec. 31 and its renewal has been in doubt all year — leaving short-sellers unsure whether they would be facing crushing taxes in 2015. Continue reading

Buying HUD foreclosures: what you should know!

Not all foreclosure properties are created equal!! Foreclosures AKA REO’s are some of the very best values in St. George and southern Utah. They come in many shapes and sizes…HUD being one great example.

HUD is an acronym for DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT. Buying HUD foreclosures require your real estate agent/broker to be HUD certified, and I highly recommend your agent has HUD experience. Some of the things that are important or even critical to understand are: Continue reading

Foreclosure or Short Sale? Buyer vs. Old Tenant.. Beware!

Just wrapped up a two day Red Rock Education Retreat located at the spectacular Desert Hills High School out in the Hidden Valley area. We spent 6 hours with the UAR attorney as well as a title company attorney going over all the key issues in our short sale and foreclosure market. This topic alone is really an ongoing ever changing learning process. I loved what James E Seaman, attorney for Inwest Title said about buying properties on the courtroom steps “better be wearing your big boy pants.” Funny and true. Continue reading