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Things to do in Southern Utah

Where do you or I start. We have so much to be thankful for. Living in Southern Utah is just plain awesome. We are so close to several National Parks. Enough to keep a person busy for years! Golfing year around. River running, both some of the worlds finest river running. From flat water to white water this part of the world has it all. It isn’t all in our county or even the state of Utah…but it is all very very close. We have world class hiking and biking in our backyard. If you ride a motorcycle on the backroads or dirt roads you won’t find better riding than our corner of the world. When you come visit Even if you are looking to buy or sell St George Utah real estate take the time to smell the roses. We have something here for everyone at every age. Best part we are a year around outdoor lifestyle corner of the world. You will find lots of sunshine and clear blue skies almost every single day of the year. We are close enough to Las Vegas to head down for a quick visit round trip in one day or spend the night and enjoy one of the spectacular shows only found in Las Vegas! Or go the other direction to Escalante and points north. There is no wrong way to trip around this corner of the world. If you haven’t visited us in a bit you will be pleasantly surprised. The university is growing and so is the rest of the county. All in a very positive and exciting way.  Sign up for my monthly email letter and I promise to keep you up to speed on cool stuff down here. Or visit my St George Events page for a list of fun things to do. Have a great 2017…hope to see you all this year!

Craftsman Style Homes for Sale

Craftsman style homes for sale in St George Utah can be hard to find under normal search parameters. That’s where I come in to the rescue. I have access to that information and where to find them. They are available, just need to dig them out. Craftsman style homes have not been in high demand here in the St George area. However it seems they are gaining popularity and builders have elevations that cover the craftsman style home.

There are some fantastic floor plans and elevations as well as locations to build your St George craftsman style home. I look forward to helping you make the best the use of your time and money! Well to southern Utah…come and take a look at what we have to offer. You will not be disappointed in our awesome southern Utah lifestyle!

Call me today so I can give you a private tour and show you the inside of all the homes for sale that meet your criteria in Washington County in less than two hours! I can show you any home for sale in the St George area listed by any company anywhere in the city. Then you don’t have to keep searching for open houses on the weekend. We can go anytime you want. Let’s get you out there.

Contact me and I can help get you fully qualified because when you find that perfect home in southern Utah you will want to be ready to write the offer on your new home. You do not want to lose your dream home because someone had a strong qualification letter from their lender showing that they are capable of purchasing the home. Contact me and I can help direct you to the lender that will do the best job for your particular situation.

Beat the HEAT!

Okay folks…not only has the St George real estate market been red hot but so have our summer temps this year. Do not fear cool things to do all around us here! I wanted to share some ideas about what I found to do when the temps hoover in the triple digits for days or weeks. IMG_2207Try Lee’s Ferry AKA Marble Canyon on for size. Close, inexpensive and more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Reach out to me for all the details on this close by adventure.

We may be in  a desert but we lots of lakes and rivers right here in our own county! Most of the access to these places if FREE or dirt cheap! Red dirt that is…lowlands of the Red Cliffs have some hidden and not so hidden creeks and streams that run year around. The Virgin River is dotted with hundreds of beautiful sandy private beaches. We are also just a hop skip and jump from all places north…The mountains north of us provide some needed  relief from the hot summer temps down here in St George, Hurricane and all the Washington County communities. Along with the cooler mountain temps you will find hundreds of beautiful little mountain lakes waiting for you to discover them. Did I mention waterfalls?” Yes we have them too! So when you just need a break from looking at homes or already fortunate enough to call southern Utah your home you have options to stay cool. Call me I would love to share my stories!

Hiking in southern Utah

Thanks for checking in on my St George Utah real estate blog. My goal is to share valuable information about southern Utah real estate AND our southern Utah lifestyle! The information I’m sharing today relates to some of the less know hikes in and around southern Utah. I typically take the road less traveled. I love exploring that in itself and has led to some awesome adventures and finds. I am in the process of starting a guide business for affordable and unique hiking in our zone. I will be focusing on the less known and less traveled areas. I post most of my hikes on my youtube channel. Just click on  the link in the upper right of this page!Most of my hikes got deleted accidentally by Google…so I am starting over. If you are heading to southern utah and you want to save some time and see some of our more unique and in some cases world famous sites I want to be the person that helps you get there and more importantly back! I can help you find the perfect home and negotiate you the very best price and share a glorious day of unique hiking and exploring. There is a lot to do down here and I can’t wait to help you find your adventure! Everything from a B52 crash site to ancient dinosaur tracks. Ancient indian petroglyphs and pictographs, as well as home sites. Ols western trails that date back to the late 1700’s! Movie sets and aviation arrows…Mormon history combined with the wild west make our area very unique. If you like canoes and kayaks we are in a great location to get some great river time. In some pristine areas I might add! So get your southern Utah adventure game face on and let’s go have some fun! With over 300 days of golden sunshine there’s no waiting! So if you like what you see on my youtube channel and are ready for some great hiking reach out and I’ll be ready…always ready for a great adventure!

Weekend Getaways around St George Utah!

If you’re moving to St George and or the surrounding area, or even considering it, I am sure you will find this information helpful. We are actually a weekend getaway destination all by ourselves. Sometimes you just need to stretch your legs and blow the carbon out so to speak. Like to drink, gamble and smoke just head forty five minutes south and grab a cheap room in Mesquite Nevada. If gambling, smoking and drinking aren’t your thing Mesquite makes for some great people watching, rooms are always discounted and buffets are cheap and tasty. Continue reading

Things to do in St George Utah

One of the best parts of living or visiting southern Utah is enjoying the sights and many things to do in St George Utah or close by. I put up a fun picture of a map and list of things you might be interested in. This really only scratches the surface! Southern Utah rocks the free world when comes to things to do, especially outdoor activities. Blessed with over 300 days of golden sunshine lends to pleasure and fun of living in Utah’s Dixie!! IMG_0179

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Houses For Sale with Swimming Pools in St George Utah

Walter Crovo is an expert on houses for sale with swimming pools in St George Utah, including all of Washington County. This is the perfect climate to enjoy the benefits of a swimming pool. I am adding a quick and easy way for to search for all the houses for sale with swimming pools in St George and the surrounding right here on this page.

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Things to do in Hurricane Utah

Okay so you are visiting southern Utah and particularly Hurricane Valley. Now you’re thinking about what to spend your time doing. Well here are a few ideas I would love to share with you. I have lived in Hurricane Valley for close to fifteen years and really love the area. I sell St George and Hurricane Valley Utah real estate. I am lucky because I get to work where I play! Let’s start with a helicopter ride over the area! Continue reading

Dixie State University

Dixie State University is here and the citizens of St George and all of Washington County are excited about the new classification! After many hours and opinions we retain the Dixie State name. That’s another story and I see both sides. Sometimes political correctness is shaded in gray. Here we are enjoying the new university in our little community of beautiful St George Utah. Below is what Dixie State University currently offers academically. Continue reading

Things to do in St George Utah!

Looking at homes for sale in St George Utah does not have to be all business and no fun…so that’s why I write this southern Utah blog this evening. One of the unique and fun things to do while visiting St George and shopping for your new home is a rafting adventure less than two and a half hours away. IMG_6652 Continue reading